We believe at the Aikido Stichting Delft that everyone should have an opportunity to practise Aikido. This is why we provide a reduced price for special groups. The Aikido Stitching Delft is a non-profit organisation reliant on the efforts of our members. Fees cover our costs and to increase transparency the board holds an annual meeting for its members to discuss finances.

The Aikido Stichting Delft is connected to the CABN (Culturele Aikido Bond Nederland). Once a year we collect a financial contribution for the CABN. This contribution is separate from any contributions made to our own group. The amount for the CABN contribution can be found at the bottom of this page.


CABN Contribution

We are connected to the Culturele Aikido Bond Nederland. All members make an anual contribution to the CABN


  • Children < 14 year old : € 16,25 / a year
  • Youth 14 – 17 year old / 65+ : € 32,50 / a year
  • Adults : € 65,- / a year

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